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Dental Solutions are only a smile away.

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Dental Exam

Stained Teeth

Missing Teeth/

Wisdom Teeth

Tooth Pain

Missing Teeth/


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Abscess in Tooth

Tooth Decay


Root Canal

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Same Day




Dental Care For You

A beautiful smile can melt hearts, make friends and set the stage to accomplish your dreams. Dr. Bares and the staff at Riverside Dental want to help you keep that smile forever or, when the need arises, to restore a stunning, confidence-building smile.


It’s easy to take dental care for granted. Sometimes common sense goes right out the window. Putting off regular dental visits is like whistling in the dark. Spotting dental health issues early on can make treatment easier, cost a lot less and will avoid more problems in the future.

You know what those problems are — cavities, toothaches, gum disease, a misaligned bite that makes eating an event, stained teeth and so much more. Take it from the Academy of General Dentistry… more than 90% of all systemic diseases in the body can be found during a thorough oral exam.

It really does begin by brushing and flossing twice a day. Fill out the New Patient Form today for an exam, x-rays and professional cleaning at Riverside Dental. They’ll lay out a doable dental care maintenance plan you can live with.

In this section, you’ll find several of the most common dental concerns that patients encounter whether they are 80 or 8. It’s important to remember that solutions are always dependent on your specific diagnosis and may require further treatment.

At Riverside Dental… solutions are only a smile away.

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